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Our mission is to serve our community by offering a professional atmosphere, providing excellent customer care, and selling only the highest quality cannabis products that the Maine market has to offer.

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Founder Alyssa lives in Turner with her husband and three children. She has worked in the legal cannabis industry in Maine since early 2015. Alyssa has experience in marketing, compliance and managing a large sales team. Alyssa was ready to get out of the corporate world of Cannabis and return to what she loves, matching high-quality medicine with patients!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you find at Blazing Jane?

Education. Chat with Alyssa to find the best products for you! Hours of researching, testing and really understanding all the products Blazing Jane has to offer, Alyssa is sure to have a few good suggestions for you.

Are you new to cannabis?

Great! Let’s chat about what your desired effects are. With years of patient experiences Alyssa can point you in the right direction.

Are you an experienced cannabis patient?

Wonderful! This is a safe space for all to learn!

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of products sourced from only the highest quality cannibis.

  • High quality flower
  • Affordable edibles
  • Clean Concentrates
  • Books, Art, and MORE!
News & Updates

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